Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer cam sessions?

Yes I do on a very limited basis. The best way to stay on top of cam opportunities is to follow me on Twitter and be subscribed to my LFs. Cam rates can fluctuate depending on length of session, type of session requested, and if there are any wardrobe requests.

Do you offer real-time sessions?

No, I do not offer any RT sessions or meet ups.

What are your favorite fetishes/kinks?

My favorite include chastity, humiliation, findom, mind fuck, mesmerize, orgasm control/denial, CEI, edging games, Goddess worship, and of course slave training using multiple fetishes, kinks and triggers.

Do you sell socks / stockings / pantyhose?

Yes I do. Occasionally I have worn gym shoes, slippers or heels for purchase. Buying my worn panties is not something I offer.

Can I serve you in person?

No. I only allow online and virtual worship and servitude.

What’s the best way to serve you?

The best way to demonstrate your devotion to me is through the act of tributing. Sending a tribute is the first and foremost way to make a good impression and show that you’re serious in your desire to serve and please Me. There are many fans and hopeful subs who are eager to earn my attention daily, but it’s those who send and take pleasure in the opportunity to serve and be useful that stand out and earn my valuable time and attention.

Do you accept paypal?

No. Available payment methods are listed on my links page.

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