I know you’ve been eagerly watching clip after clip, and have been experiencing that growing desire to serve and be useful to such an elite Goddess.

Do you find yourself thinking of Me more often? Frequently checking My clip sites and social media for an update to get your next fix? Wanting to achieve another level of submission than simply watching clips can provide? Wanting more than anything to earn the chance to interact with Me 1:1? Craving to hear the words “good boy’ come from My lips, rewarding you for a job well done? Do you desire to experience the satisfaction knowing that you are serving Me and contributing to My growing empire and lifestyle?

Then it’s time for you to take the next step and apply for the opportunity to be taken on. Wipe the sweat off your palms, take a breath to calm those nerves, and fill out the below form.

A $100 introductory tribute will be required once you hit that send button or your application will simply go ignored.

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